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Dear Friends,

We have been truly blessed here at Walk by faith mission in our 12 years of existence to be at the table of justice,peace,hope,and unity . Our community programs are preparing tables each day for the least ,the last, and the lost from all parts of the Chicago area. Our taking it to the streets- a violence prevention program enhancing the lives of young people in the community . This program is vigorously working to bring teenagers in the community a sense of purpose ,employable skills, and a vision of hope.

Ephesians2:1-10 is such comfort in these challenging times. it is a well known fact that people are far more likely to enjoy somethings and do it well when they have a strong sense of purpose about it. This principle holds true even with life itself .The good news is that God has a great purpose and direction for life:to be made like his son, Jesus Christ . Along with his grand vision of our ultimate destiny , God has also given us purpose and directions for each day: to love him and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Such purpose should give us great joy and excitement about getting up every morning to start a new day, for we live for God and seek to follow his will for us . We can rest on the words of prophet Jeremiah ,'[God has] plans for good and not disaster,to give you future and a hope.]”

The fact  that Walk by faith mission couldn’t succeed in the strengthening the non-profit sector in Chicago if it wasn’t for your support. I am grateful for it and strongly seek your continued generosity. When we nurture non-profits to prepare tables in their communities- we are enabling you to play a vital role in improving the quality of life in Chicago’s undeserved neighborhoods.

With Gratitude,

Rosetta Dotson


Church Will Do Any Thing For You!

Hello ! My name is Pastor Rosetta Dotson. I am the founder of the Walk By Faith Misssion. We are a non profit organization that was founded in 1998. My mission is to provide programs that will help our community youths as well as the adults. I had a vision 12 years ago to place this program in the Austin community so that I may    be able to participate in decreasing the high percentage of gang violence,teen pregnacy, HIV/AIDS, youth obesity, and most of all the steady climbing drop out rate for elementary and high school students. I provide various programs that allow me to focus on my mission. as you take a tour of our web site you will see that we have made a difference in the community. 



“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

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